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Volunteer Spotlight – Shawn

We are extremely thankful for the outgoing, motivated and committed volunteer team that we are building at Working Fusion. We want to take a moment to thank Shawn. Since Shawn joined our volunteer team she has become a crucial link to our productive team. Whether it be pulling weeds at Fusion Friday’s, volunteering to help at the Care & Share mobile market or helping with the various needs of our residents she is always eager to move into action. 

A few words from Shawn: 
My first involvement with Working Fusion was over a year ago when I joined in with a group of friends making a donation towards one of the tiny homes. As I learned more about Working Fusion, their mission, and began to see the development of the site I wanted to give more than just financial support. Getting involved as an official volunteer, meeting the residents, working with the other volunteers to help with landscaping efforts, and seeing what was once just a vacant lot transform into a beautiful little community has been amazing to witness. ‘It takes a village to build a village’ and I’m so very proud to be part of this village.Thank you, Shawn! Your positive energy, impactful contributions and passion towards the cause bring so much light into our community. You go above and beyond and our village is blessed to have you!