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Volunteer Spotlight – Kathy

It’s time to highlight one of our incredible volunteers and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Kathy. You’ll find Kathy volunteering at our Care & Share mobile markets or waiting in line to gather food for our residents. She has also taken a major role in raising money for our village by supporting our partnership with Levy Restaurants by working concessions at the Switchbacks stadium this season.

Here are a few words from Kathy:

I found Working Fusion by accident. While trying to figure out how to volunteer with another group, I, fortunately, clicked on Working Fusion. Finding an organization that focused on young adults (18-25) who so often get lost in systems that are full of support for those under 18 or considered adults, I was intrigued (and hooked). Supporting people while they start “adulting” struck many chords for me. Autonomy is part of what young adults look for, which is one reason why means and support are so critical. Working Fusion provides both. Having read about tiny homes helping fight homelessness in other parts of the country, it was exciting to see it in my new community. Supporting the organization financially was a no-brainer for me. The project’s mission, language and work all make me want to give. And that giving means time as well. Working with staff and other volunteers while watching the community grow has been amazing. This village, this community, matters. I am grateful to contribute in small ways.

Thank you, Kathy! By no means are your contributions small, our residents and team appreciate your efforts and encouragement. We can’t put into words how impactful your support towards our village has been and will be. You are a vital piece of our community and we are blessed to have you!