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What’s New in the Village: Luncheons and Volunteers and Shoutouts, Oh My!

It’s been a busy spring in the village! On April 13th, we successfully launched We Fortify’s 1st Annual “What If?” Benefit Luncheon and brought awareness of our village and mission to Colorado Springs. Throughout the event, we had the opportunity to share the vision of our organization, and dream-cast the “What If’s” of having more villages in Colorado Springs. The company, the food, and the conversation were all fantastic. Special thanks to local author DeLovell Earls for sharing his inspiring new book with us. Thank you to everyone that attended!

Volunteer Shoutouts: 

  • In April, our Switchback volunteers raised a total of  $3,027.12! We can’t thank our volunteers enough for raising this amount of funds for our Working Fusion at Mill Street Village!
  • Thank you, Justin, for building a CornHole set with one of our residents and donating the supplies to bring more FUN into the village. Our residents can’t wait to show off their skills! 

Our amazing volunteers are a vital part of our community, and we are endlessly grateful for everyone who chooses to donate their time to Working Fusion. Without you, our community wouldn’t work. Thank you, volunteers!